Curriculum Vitae

Andrea Ponzetti: Nacional teacher of classical, contemporary and folkloristic dances, qualified in Argentin tango.

After an important trajectory: Buenos Aires, USA , South and center of America in 1997, Andrea went to Barcelona, where she lives at the moment.

Since 1997, she has organized performances and milongas in the Bikini ballroom, Centro Asturiano, Cafè de las Artes, Sala Buena Vista, Club Maritimo of Barcelona, Hotel Oriente…

In 1999, she created, conducted and produced the “Compañia Argentina de Tango” with a lot of performances in the most emblematic ballrooms in the city, for example: the ballroom “ La Paloma ” for 3 years continually.

She collaborated in the organization of Grec Festival 2001 with the orchestra “El Arranque” supported by the secretary of culture of Buenos Aires.

Director of the school “Barcelona Tango”. This school is distinguished for its magisterial lessons of technical for women and the preparation of professional dancers (beautiful choreographies).

She is also an artistic director of other companies as well, as Rumbo Sur and New Tango Ensamble. Moreover, these are one of their tasks most important as artists:

Andrea with her dancing partner are both appreciated for their periodic appearances on tv btv, citytv and the tv3 of Cataluna.

Festival of Tango: Stocolm 2001

Island of Gotlan

Festival of Dance: Islan of Cerdena 2002

Festival of Vic, ( Spain ) 2002

Festival of cinema, presentation of the film”Tango” of Saura 2002

Festival: American Latin ( Spain ) 2003

Festival: Nou Barris 2003

Feria de la Alimentación  : 2006 Barcelona

Fiesta Major 2003 in platja D'Aro, with the most famous Orchestra Los Reyes del Tango.

Forum of the cultures 2004 (Internacional School Europa ( Barcelona )

Internacionales tours:

Special guests by the Filarmonica of Brandeburgo.

With the Tango Company Pasion de Vivir 2001, 2002 around Germany

Compania Tango Eterno 2002, 2003 in Germany, Sweden, Holanda, France and Belgium

Compania Tango Rio de la Plata , in a lots of cities of Suecia 2003.

Compania de Tango Argentino, Milan, Rome, Calabria and Naples.

These are some places where they honoured their culture with their experience, profesional and art.


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